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Tilers In Sutherland

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Past Sutherland Tilers Tiling Jobs

Wall Tiling or Floor Tiling
Trades Wanted - Large kitchen floor needs tiling with stone tiles
Tilers Sutherland
Tadcaster West Yorkshire
Wall Tiling or Floor Tiling
Trades Wanted - bathroom
Tilers Sutherland
Southam Warwickshire
Kitchen Tiling or Bathroom Tiling
Trades Wanted - To tile 2 x bathrooms [1 main 1 en suite] 1 door and 1 window in each, 1 is approx. 22 sq metres, 1 is approx. 24 sq metres, tiles supplied, both areas fully prepared
Tilers Sutherland
Inveraray Paisley
Wall Tiling or Floor Tiling
Trades Wanted - We need floor tiling from kitchen into dining room into conservatory. no tiles need fetching up.
Tilers Sutherland
Burntwood Birmingham areas
Wall Tiling or Floor Tiling
Trades Wanted - Floor and all walls of shower room need tiling
Tilers Sutherland
Maidstone Kent

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