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Tilers In Sutherland

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Sutherland Areas Covered

Past Sutherland Tilers Tiling Jobs

Floor Tiling
Summary - 22 sq meters of Black Opal Marble tiles. floor area includes Hall Kitchen BathroomX2 and upstairs landing
Alloa Falkirk
Bathroom Tiling
Summary - Replace old tiles in shower and regrout
London SW1V London areas
Wall Tiling
Summary - Approximately 2 to 3 square metres of tiling on sound, level walls.
Stansted Essex
Floor Tiling
Summary - Just had a new kitchen - floor needs tiling. i also started tiling my bathroom, but i just don't have the time and would love someone to finish that too.
Swinton Manchester
Bathroom Tiling
Summary - A long and short wall around a bath (2m x 1.6m) (0.75m x 1.6m) plus a small backspash to the sink. tiles 13cm x 13cm, white grout and sealing required.
London E11 London
Floor Tiling
Summary - 8 sqre metrs of ceramic tiles to lay on concrete kitchen floor
Immingham Lincolnshire
Wall Tiling
Summary - A 4sq m kitchen and a 2 1/2 sq metre kitchen at same adjoining cottages
Godalming Surrey
Floor Tiling
Summary - About 8m2 kitchen floor. Basic tiles. Only 2 ends at doorways need cut as under kitchen cupboards not needed.
Norwich Norfolk
Wall Tiling
Summary - I need shower area in en-suite re-tiling. some of the plaster behind the tiles appears to be damp and loose, so will probably need re-plastering too. would like to re-use shower cubicle once walls and tiles have been replaced. need job doing asap as am now without a shower-many thanks
Swinton Manchester
Wall Tiling
Summary - Round Aga side walls back and involves putting in some picture tiles. all supplied.
Banbury Oxfordshire


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Tilers in Sutherland