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Plumbers In Tameside

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Recommended Plumbers in Tameside, Manchester

Do you have a plumbing emergency, need a repair, help with home improvements or a complete new boiler or central heating installation? Whether its kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, drainage or sewers or showers, or central heating, gas and boiler problems look no further we will have local plumbers who can help in or near Tameside - at the very least we can provide you with up to 4 quotes for plumbing services near you.

How It Works

For plumbing repairs or plumbing services, to install and fit systems, or carry out reapairs use our Top Trades People 'compare tradesmen' process - we can then get started in matching you with up to 4 local Tameside plumbers to compare, without obligation:

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Use the form above (the bright orange one with 'COMPARE TRADESMEN' at the top of it).

Tell us about your requirements - choose 'plumbers' when asked which type of tradesperson you want to compare quotes from, followed by the plumbing service that you need to find local tradespeople for.

Give a good description of your project - you will get a better response from Tameside plumbers and plumbing contractors covering the Tameside area. For example, if you need a boiler installing and would prefer Worcester over Baxi, then put that tell us. Models, brands, serial numbers, all help.

Comparing Plumbing Services

Our system will look to match you with up to 4 local Tameside registered plumbing contractors and provide the types of services you require (e.g. boiler installation).

Compare and consider estimates and prices received from each tradesman or tradesperson.

Choose a plumber (you are not obliged of course).

When the repair is done or your installation finished, rate your trades person, they welcome reviews - did you 'find a good one'?, a local plumber that you would be happy to call a recommended tradesman?


Good luck with your project - we do hope that you will both save time, and money, by using Top Tradespeople to find a plumber in Tameside, heating engineer, or other local tradesmen.

If it's another type of tradesman you want then we can help you there too.  Whether it's building work, carpentry or joinery, tiling services, electrical work, roofing or other services.  Post jobs to get matched with your next local tradesperson.


Whatever kind of Plumbing job you need quotes for, it only takes a minute to start. Simply post your job.

You are under no obligation, but comparing Plumbers quotes will help get good quotes for your Plumbing work.

The Top Tradespeople COMPARE TRADESMEN service if free for homeowners looking to find and compare prices for a range of home improvement services.

Past Manchester Plumbers Plumbing Jobs Posted Nearby

Kitchen bathroom WC plumbing
Work - Leak coming through bathroom floor. Not urgent but we don't know whether its an issue with a leak or something more serious which would require work to the room below. Need someone to have a good look and propose / quote for remedy.
Plumbers Tameside , Manchester
Stalybridge Tameside
Boiler Installations or Boiler Replacements
Work - Remove existing gas boiler and replace with new one (Hot Water and Central Heating) in empty house, prior to renting.
Plumbers Tameside , Manchester
Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire
Plumbing property maintenance
Work - burst pipe
Plumbers Tameside , Manchester
Hyde Tameside
Bathroom installations
Work - to fit only a full bathroom suite, including waste and soil pipes
Plumbers Tameside , Manchester
Droylsden Manchester
Bathroom installations
Work - New toilet needs fitting, old one taking out. new sink and vanity unit to be fitted, old one replaced.
Plumbers Tameside , Manchester
Audenshawe / Denton Manchester

Services Available From Plumbers

Find a local plumber for these services.

  • Mixer showers, power showers, shower cubicles fitted, installation of steamrooms or steam cabinets
  • Fitting a sauna, bathroom refurbishments, gas safe plumbers jobs, repairs to heating and boilers
  • Radiators fitted, bathroom design, shower pumps installed, gas fire installation, gas fire servicing
  • Gas ovens and hobs, plumbing property repairs, bathroom plumbing, kitchen plumbers, drainage, drains
  • Plumbers for sewerage works, drains surveys, central heating systems

Tips For Finding Trusted Plumbers In Tameside

Feedback From Past Customers

Always ask quoting plumbing services and contractors (this applies to all tradespeople), for testimonials, ratings and reviews from past customers of their business. Most good Tameside plumbers, or other trade professionals carrying out domestic or commercial plumbing jobs will have good reviews from people who they have done work for before in the area - people will be happy to recommend them.

Check them out. Don't just rush into accepting the first quote that you receive. Make your decision regarding choosing the best plumber on solid evidence, not just a cheery smile. Look into everything.

Tradesmen Insurances, Certifications, Plumbers Trades Associations and Guarantees

You will need to ask whether the local plumbers quoting have public liability insurance in place. Play it safe to avoid problems in the future. What plumbers trades bodies are they members of? Are they 'gas safe registered'? CORGI no longer exists as such, so you should check the gas safe register to find out whether your plumber is registered. They will need to be registered if they are dealing with boilers. Ask for their registration number so that you can check. If they will be dealing with electrics in bathrooms or kitchens or carrying out anything other than a basic swap over then they will need to be certified professionals or part of the 'competent person' scheme (depending on the work). Check at building control regarding the latest legislation to be sure. What guarantees do they give? Remember that with regards to qualifications, this will vary from trade to trade. This is particularly relevant for the plumbing trade. There are very few jobs which you would not want to hire a qualified plumber for when it comes to work like this. Check it out.

Don't Restrict Yourself To Locals

You will find that nowadays, good local plumbers travel to find work if needed. Don't just wait for Tameside plumbers to ask to quote. Check whether your quote has travelling costs included or whether you're paying more for this, in advance of deciding on the best tradesperson.

If your town or area in Tameside is remote or small, you may need to be prepared to find a plumber who is from further afield when you go through the 'compare tradesmen' process.

Past Tameside Plumbing Projects

Ask the Tameside plumbers quoting whether you can see examples of their past work. Many will have good feedback from projects that they have carried out before. Some will have a portfolio of their work to show when they visit customers, and of course, some will be able to show you their work on their plumbing company website. Check around a little. Go online and search for past plumbers reviews of them on the internet. If they have a bathroom showroom, workshop or offices, visit.

Services Available

Plumbers in Tameside, Manchester

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