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Plasterers In Northamptonshire - Compare Quotes

Compare up to 4 quotes from local Northamptonshire Plasterers using our free service. Post a job to start and will will match you with plasterers in Northamptonshire without any obligation. Simply choose the best, if you wish

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Find Plasterers in Northamptonshire?

Compare quotes from Local plasterers

Save time and money with our free quotes from plasterers services. Compare up to 4 free quotes from local plasterers in Northamptonshire for all kinds of plastering work.

Getting Plastering Quotes

You could save money by comparing several quotes from local Northamptonshire plasterers to get the best plasterers quotes?

Look no further when looking for plastering quotes. Top Tradespeople is a free service for people wanting quotes from local plasterers and other tradesmen in Northamptonshire and across the UK.

How To Find Plasterers

Our tradesmen quotes system is simple. Use the jobs posting form to describe plastering jobs and we look for up to 4 local Northamptonshire plasterers to give quotes for your plastering project.

You are not obliged to accept any plasterers quotes from any of the local plasterers who want to quote for plastering work.

Good luck with your plastering project. Hope you get some good quotes and find a good local plastering service you can call a recommended plasterer in Northamptonshire.

If it's another type of tradesman you want then we can help you there too.  Whether it's building work, carpentry or joinery, tiling services, electrical work, roofing or other services.  Post jobs to get matched with your next local tradesperson.

Northamptonshire Areas Covered

Past Northamptonshire Plasterers Plastering Jobs

Summary - Skim plaster dining room walls and ceiling, skim plaster hallway walls
Northampton Northamptonshire
Summary - Rain water is penetrating wall above front down stairs window. i have recently had a double glazed window fitted & have had this checked out. the front external wall does have some cracks in the plaster.
Northampton Northamptonshire
Summary - I would like my 3 bed semi detached house re rendered.

The job will involve taking old render off and applying new and applying the black bitumen paint to the bottom
Kettering Northamptonshire
Summary - plaster a kitchen wall 8foot by 15 foot
Market Harborough Leicestershire
Summary - Living room ceiling fell in. need coving removing, plasterboarding, skimming then recoving.
Northampton Northamptonshire
Summary - Remove coving and skim over ceiling to lounge 6.63 m x 3.45m and dining room 6.35m x 2.69m.
Oakham Leicestershire
Summary - External wall needs rendered, has been sprayed with a coating which is now coming off need advice to re do possibly with metal grids attached and render on top. wall is side of detached house 2 story
Wellingborough Northamptonshire
Summary - Ground floor lounge with easy access. To remove existing patterned coving 125mm x 26metres (linea) + 7off internal corners and 3off external corners and cart away. To supply and install plain 125mm coving to above room and make good ready for final decorating (by others).
Stamford Cambridgeshire
Summary - plastering to lower brick half of bay window
Northampton Northamptonshire
Summary - Fix rendering that is already in place.. needs repairing.
Northampton Northamptonshire


Want Plasterers Quotes - Some Information On Plastering Jobs

What different types of plastering jobs are there?

When getting quotes from plasterers in Northamptonshire it might help to know the lingo so here are a few of the most common terms so you know what you are talking about when getting plasterers quotes.


Plasterboarding is extremely common in modern housing and new build property. Plasterboards are adhered to blockwork using a dry wall adhesive. This method of plastering is known in the trade as dot and dab plastering. Plasterboards provide an easy maintenance alternative to traditional methods of plastering. Plasterboards are a gypsum based board onto which plaster skim is applied to provide a plastered finish. Plasterboarding work carried out by plasterers tends to be quicker and easier to carry out for plasterers and therefore can work out much cheaper than other forms of plastering work. The boards come in varying sizes with the smallest plasterboard being known as a handiboard. Large plasterboards are extremely heavy and when being fitted to ceilings require either a special tool which lifts them up and holds them in place before fixing securely to the ceiling or will require a two-man team to fit.

Plastering Skimming

A thin covering of the final coat of plaster often called multifinish or board finish (when used to plaster over plasterboards). When skimming onto existing plaster rather than plasterboards it is essential that the base plaster is carried out well as skimming does not hide imperfections in plastering.

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Plasterers in Northamptonshire
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