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Paving and Flagging Contractors In Tameside

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Past Manchester Paving Flagging Specialists Paving Or Flagging Jobs Posted Nearby

Summary - Looking for a quote for adding extra row of flags on my patio in the back garden.
Hyde Tameside
Flagging and paving
Summary - Repointing and fixing loose flags
Droylsden Manchester
Flagging and paving
Summary - Rear of detached house with easy access. seven meters x three meters rectangle as a patio. existing concrete flag removal and 500mm high wall of stone (three meter length). block paving required (brick size) with edging.
Audenshawe / Denton Manchester
Flagging and paving
Summary - Laying approximately 120 concrete flags, you supply, set in mortar/concrete. inserting surface drainage to flow into existing rainwater drainage system. adjusting the level of the back garden along the long dimension so as to create the correct fall for drainage.
Glossop Derbyshire
Flagging and paving
Summary - Block paving and extending driveway
Audenshawe / Denton Manchester
Summary - Area of about 10m x 10m needs raising in some areas and flagging. some landscaping required to replace steps to lower lawn.
Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire
Flagging and paving
Summary - Lay 6 new slabs 600x600mm on an existing path and pave an area approx. 6ft by 18ft.
Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire
Flagging and paving
Summary - To extend my existing patio area by one flag across the patio area and lay more flags to the side of the patio
Droylsden Manchester
Summary - My 5 metre single car-width concrete driveway I would like turning into a nicer looking double driveway by taking out done of the lawn beside it. I would like some rough estimates how much you would charge for different options you could do. I.e. gravel / block paving etc. Thank you
Glossop Derbyshire
Flagging and paving
Summary - I've a yard, 10 ft' wide n 22' long, paved with york stones. i want them 2 b taken up n sold. also please repaved the area with cheaper flags. this is due to the theft in the area - tameside. thank you for your help in this.
Audenshawe / Denton Manchester

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Paving Flagging Specialists in Tameside, Manchester

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