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Recommended Bricklayers In Lancashire

Compare up to 4 quotes from local Lancashire bricklayers using our free service. Post a job to start and we will match you with recommended bricklayers in Lancashire. It's a no obligation, free service

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Find Bricklayers in Lancashire?

Find competitive bricklaying quotes by comparing quotes from several Lancashire bricklayers (maximum 4).

Get quotes for new build bricklaying, pointing, extensions, brickwork repairs, garage conversions, stonework, block work, loft conversions, new builds and even specialist projects such as drystone walls or stonemasonry.  In fact, any kind of bricklayers jobs

Finding Recommended Bricklayers In Lancashire With Top Tradespeople

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Top Tradespeople is free for homeowners looking to find recommended, local tradesmen (including bricklayers in Lancashire)

Good luck with your building project.  We do hope you manage to find a Lancashire bricklayer you can trust and call a 'recommended' tradesperson.

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Lancashire Areas Covered

Past Lancashire Bricklayers bricklaying Jobs

Summary - I need block work doing on my back yard wall approximately 8ft x 8ft.
Preston Lancashire
Summary - I live in a terraced with an average sized yard Approx 7m by 5m. The walls of the yard have been neglected and have lots of cement missing in certain areas. I wouls like someone to correct his and to check the rest of the house which a surveyor told me 2 years ago was fine.
Oldham Lancashire
Summary - Hello We need a few jobs doing on our Victorian end terrace. We need the gable end part-pointing and a few bricks replaced. There is also some spot pointing that needs doing on the other walls. We would also like a disused chimney stack taking down to the roofline and sealing. In addition, we need a joist replacing in the front room.
Leyland Lancashire
Garden walls
Summary - build garden wall
Oldham Lacashire
Summary - Need a garage 18 x 12 feet. Need concrete base also
Preston Lancashire
Summary - Repair pointing to a semi-detached house on the front and gable end. To the Front is a small bay window
Accrington Lancashire
Summary - point gable end
Rossendale Lancashire
Summary - Only want the side of my semi detacted house, 3 bedroom pointing.i have been quoted already but it seems a bit high. want good quality but a reasonable price also
Preston Lancashire
Conservatory or porch base
Summary - To build conservatory base 3m x 5.6m attached to rear of end terrace, 700 mm dwarf wall along 5.6m lenght with 2m opening for patio doors, the two 3m walls one at 700mm dwarf wall and the other at full height as this is the boundary between us and neighbour, we will supply brick and materials, this will be a labour only quote, there are no services or grids to move and the area to be built on is flat and level at present also with access for a mini digger if needed
Chorley Lancashire
Garden walls
Summary - Need to build a retaining wall in back garden. Location is currently in a raised bed to enable the future extension of an existing patio (either slabs or decking). The length of the wall is approximately 4.6m and 1m high. Most of area is already excavated.
Radcliffe Manchester


Lancashire Bricklayers Trades and Services

These are the kind of bricklaying jobs we can help you with when you need to find local, recommended builders and bricklayers in Lancashire.

New build bricklaying, extensions, garage conversions, loft conversions, general property renovation and repair, pointing, general bricklaying, damp proofing, cavity wall ties, brickwork for garden walls, laying bricks for conservatory or porch bases, chimney build or repair work, building or repairing dry stone walls

We can help you find quotes for these types of bricklaying jobs from local Lancashire bricklayers or builders, along with a wide range of other home improvement services from many types of tradesmen who have chosen to be a part of our network of trusted traders.

Requesting Quotes

When it comes to posting your request for free quotes to compare, if your bricklaying job is not on the list, pick the nearest type and add a good description of your building work.

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Bricklayers in Lancashire
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