Hiring Tips To Find An Electrician

Getting involved in electrical jobs in the home can be a dangerous pastime if you are not a qualified electrician. Some jobs may seem obvious but the dangers can be damaging.

It is always wise to get written quotes. Whether you’re having a couple of sockets put in or having a security light put up outside the back door, or spending £1000 or more on a rewire, or extensive electrical work.  Get at least three local electricians to quote for the work.  Look at the quotes not only in terms of who is the cheapest.  Think about other issues such as reputation, or how quickly they hope to get the job done.

Reasons for hiring a qualified electrician

Checking to see if light switches or socket outlets are working can be done relatively easily and safely if you have knowledge of how the circuit breakers in your house work. If more complex electrical work is required then you will need the help of a fully trained and competent electrician. If you are in any doubt about your skills then it is always better to err on the side of caution.

1.If you do want to carry out the work yourself then be prepared for the risks. Electric shocks can happen very easily - as can fires and damage in general.

2.Building regulations stipulate that any electrical work done to your home must be undertaken by someone who is able to comply with its requirements. That person must be competent enough to be able to test the safety and functionality of any electrical system installed.

3.If you are using an electrician to finish off jobs that will improve the chances of selling your home then they will be able to provide certificates showing that legal requirements have been met, which can make your house more saleable.

4.If there is any accident within your home and it is the fault of the electrician they he/she will be covered with the necessary public liability insurance.

What Skills and Qualifications Should You Look For When Hiring An Electrician?

To ensure quality and safety, certain standards must be met. The British Standards (BS 7671: requirements for electrical Installations must be complied with by all electricians. Professional electricians are registered with government acknowledged schemes like the Electrical Safety Council (NICEIC), the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) or National Association of Professional Inspectors and testers). Hiring someone who adheres to national standards and belongs to a recognised body means you will have the confidence to trust your electrician.

Making Payments

Never be tempted to agree with a tradesman to do a cheaper job “for cash”.  Not only is it illegal to try to evade VAT, if the tradesman is happy to fiddle the taxman, is he perhaps happy to rip you off too?  It’s always best to have a paper trail when making a payment, so use online banking to make transfers, write a cheque, or get a signed and dated receipt if you prefer to hand over cash.

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