Bathroom Ventilation

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Compare quotes for bathroom fitting (including whirlpool baths) from bathroom fitting contractors across the UKIf you are experiencing problems with damp, mould, condensation and mildew in your bathroom, then the chances are that poor ventilation is to blame.

A build-up of steam and damp air in the room is the perfect breeding ground for mould and fungus, and these can cause health problems as well as looking dirty and unattractive.

There are several ways of increasing ventilation in your bathroom, and it needn’t cost a fortune either.

Here are a few ideas on how to improve bathroom ventilation.

Increasing Fresh Air Flow

It sounds very obvious, but it is essential to keep windows open in the bathroom as much as possible, especially when you are taking a bath or a shower.

Sometimes leaving windows open when you are not using the bathroom is not an option.

Especially so in ground floor properties and there are a couple of options to deal with this.

Trickle vents can be retro fitted to most sorts of windows which will allow a small amount of fresh air into the room, or you can buy “stay locks” or window restrictors which allow the window to be opened a small amount but no further.

These items will cost less than £10 to buy from any large DIY store and only need basic DIY skills to install.

Adding a Window

Many modern bathrooms don’t have a window at all, and this can obviously increase problems with air flow and ventilation.

Whether or not you can add a window will depend on where in the house your bathroom is located, but if you have the space, putting in a window can not only make the room brighter but will let fresh air in too.

Expect to pay around £500 for a builder or joiner to knock a hole in your wall and then install a new window in its place.

Velux windows are a good option on sloping roofs or in attics, and these are often cheaper to install depending on size.

Remember to check whether or not you need planning permission to change the exterior appearance of your property.

Installing an Extractor Fan for Ventilation

Modern building regulations often insist that an extractor fan is put in when a new bathroom is installed.

Extractor fans are a cheap and efficient way of getting the wet, hot air out of a property and allowing the drier air to get back inside.

A basic extractor fan is very cheap to buy at around £20, and if you are quite good at DIY, you can probably tackle doing the job yourself.

If you would prefer to get the professionals in to do the work for you, you can expect to pay around £300 for the electrician to do the work.

It is easiest to fit an extractor fan where there is space in the loft above or easy access under the floor, and if access is awkward, it will cost more.

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