How Much Will Installing Double Glazing Save On My Heating Bill?


Compare quotes from window fitters and double glazing installers across the UK with Top TradespeopleIt’s impossible to stop heat being lost through your windows completely.

Almost 7 in 10 homes in the UK are double glazed, and the main reason most homeowners give for installing double glazing is to keep their homes warmer and cut their fuel bills.

But just how much can you expect to save each year by fitting double glazed windows in your own home?

Energy Ratings for Double Glazing

The first thing you realise when you start looking at double glazed windows is that they are not all the same.

Just as when you buy a fridge or a washing machine, double glazed windows are rated in terms of how energy efficient they are.

The higher up the A-G scale the units are, the more money you are likely to save.

A-rated windows may be more expensive than C rated windows though, so there is a trade-off between spending money upfront to save more in the long run.

Do your research and work out the differences in potential savings to help you come to a decision.

Size of Property and Double Glazing

The larger your home, the higher your heating bills.

Therefore, larger homes stand to save more money by installing double glazing than smaller properties, but it will cost more to have it fitted in the first place.

The Energy Saving Trust, an independent body which advises on all of the different ways to save energy, estimates that the savings on energy bills range between £50 per year in a small flat to £150 in a larger detached property.

These savings are based on the most efficient type of double glazing available, and savings on less efficient windows will be less.

Costs for Double Glazing

It’s always important to balance the amount you are likely to be saving from your energy bills against the cost of fitting the double glazing.

Experts reckon that it takes 12 to 15 years for double glazing to pay for itself, and as the average lifespan of a double glazed unit is 20 years, any money saved is over the long term.

It’s worth investigating whether you qualify for funding under the government’s Green Deal scheme, whereby you are given a loan for your double glazing purchase and then pay it back quarterly through your energy bills.

On average, the cost to double glaze the average three bedroom semi is between £6000 and £9000.

Finding a Good Double Glazing Company

Double glazing salesmen have had a bad reputation in the past, but there are some great companies out there who will help you start saving money as soon as the windows are fitted.

Ask friends or family for their recommendations, or look on Top Tradespeople for local companies to quote for the work.

Always get at least three quotes in writing before deciding on which company to go with, and never pay the full amount up front.

If you are thinking of using the Green Deal funding to pay for the work, you may be restricted in the choice of firm you use for the work.

Compare quotes from window fitters and double glazing installers across the UK with Top Tradespeople

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