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Here are the steps:

1 - Post A Job
Post a request for quotes to get matched with up to 3 local tradespeople

2 - Get Free Quotes
Up to 3 tradespeople contact you to give quotes for your home improvement project

3. Choose The Best
You're not obligated to choose any of the quotes of course. Consider quotes received and choose the best one for you (if you wish)

4. Give Feedback
Reviews for tradespeople are encouraged. They help good tradesmen find work and help keep cowboys at bay

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Want to know how Top Tradespeople works?  We try to answer those questions here.  Be sure to visit our DIY questions section for answers to your DIY and home improvement queries and questions.

How our service Works

Ever been frustrated running around trying to find tradespeople and get a price for work you need doing? With Top Tradespeople, its easy! Simply fill in the details of the job you’re looking for quotes on – Press “Get Quotes” – then wait for up 4 quotes to come back. We will match the job you’ve posted with up to 4 local tradespeople. We’ll share the job details, but not your contact details with our panel of tradespeople. Once they have responded to us to confirm they will quote we then exchange the details: yours to them and vice versa. These will be the ONLY tradespeople who receive your contact details.

Get started now

It’s really that simple, filling in the job posting form. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and takes away the hard work of tracking down and getting in touch with people.

Pick the right quote for you

Select the best quote from the tradespeople – check that they have quoted exactly as required and compare the prices for the job. Get in contact with the tradesperson and agree when your work can get started!

Give a review

Once the dust’s settled, so to speak. Leave a job review of the work that you’ve had done. This helps the best tradespeople get work and ensures that other people can see ow pleased you were with your job. It’s like a personal recommendation from you to them.

So Many Trades & Services

Compare quotes from local people for jobs like:

How Top Tradespeople Works To Find A Tradesman

Top Tradespeople is a community which matches local tradespeople with homeowners looking for quality workmanship.  Homeowners post quote requests and tradespeople registered in our UK wide network decide if they'd like to quote for the project.  Homeowners are not obliged to take any of the quotes they receive.  There are up to 4 tradespeople who will contact homeowners looking for tradesmen and these are the only ones who will receive the contact details of the person who posts the quote request.  If a tradesperson is hired then homeowners are invited to come back and provide a review of the service given - rather like your own personal recommendation for the tradesman or company.  Posting a job is simple.  Choose the trade or service that you need to get quotes from.  Select the type of work that needs doing.  Provide a description of your project and hit 'get quotes'.  Once we have verified that the quote request is genuine, our automated system is triggered to match you with tradespeople who provide the kind of work you need doing in the area that you say you want the project carrying out.

Posting A Job

Posting a job is simple.  Using one of the job posting forms around the site, choose the trade or service that you want to get quotes from.  Choose the type of work you need doing and how soon you need the work carrying out.  Give a good description of the work you want undertaken and then provide your contact details.  Contact details will only be shared with up to 4 tradespeople registered in the Top Tradespeople network.  Hit 'Get quotes'.

We may verify the quote request to check that it is genuine.  Once verified we will trigger our automated system to look for tradesmen registered in the area that you want the work carrying out and for the type of work you need doing.  Up to 4 tradespeople can choose to quote. These will be provided with your contact details.  They are likely to telephone you, although some may choose to email you.  Please look out for their telephone call as tradespeople pay a small fee for the contact details when quoting so that they can be provided with an opportunity to give you an estimate for your work.  Therefore, it is frustrating for them if they cannot get in touch with you.  If you haven't received any quotes within 3 days, please submit another quote request.  We are busy building up the network across the UK and we're getting to areas as quickly as we can do.  If you do choose a tradesperson, feel free to come back and provide a review so others can find good people too.

How Many Quotes Should I Expect?

The maximum number of quotes you will receive will be 4, but in reality it is usually 1-2 quotes as not all areas are covered by tradesmen and not all services have as much coverage as others.

If you do not receive much response we encourage you to repost your job again and it will get to the top of the job listings and will be retriggered for tradesmen who may want to quote.

Try adding the job again with an improved description so that there is more information on the type of work that you need doing.  This often helps to get more interest.

Giving Feedback And Reviews

Once your tradesperson has completed work you are welcome to come back and provide a review and feedback of the service provided.  You can do this by either emailing our support team at [email protected] or finding the tradesperson in the tradesmen listings pages, where you will be able to submit a review.

Good reviews really do help good tradesmen to get more work.

Why Have I Received No Quotes?

We do our best to cover as many areas as possible and connect homeowners with all types of tradesmen.  However, there are some types of jobs which are more popular than others and some areas which are more heavily populated with members throughout the UK than others.  If you don't receive any responses to your quotes request within 3 days we suggest you post another request and we will keep looking for you.  Always add plenty of detail to your quotes request so that members can get a good idea of what kind of work is involved in your project.

How Will Tradespeople Contact Me?

You'll only be contacted by a maximum of 4 tradespeople.

Those will be the tradespeople who have decided that they would like to quote for your project.

They will either contact you by telephone or email.

As they like to be quick in getting in touch with you, it's more likely that it will be by telephone.

Tradespeople may also contact you through your Top Tradespeople account but more often than not, telephone is their preferred method of contact.

Watch out for their call.

How Top Tradespeople Works For Tradesmen

If you're a tradesman or tradesperson looking for work leads for your business, you should visit our 'How It Works For Tradesmen' Page for further information.

We encourage you to read this fully as it provides information on pricing of work leads and the benefits of being a member of Top Tradespeople's trusted trader network.

How Will You Use My Information?

We keep your information safely on our secure servers.  We only share your contact information with up to 4 local tradespeople who want to quote for your work.  If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we do not sell contact details to third parties.  We will simply keep you updated with home improvement news, DIY articles and guides, home improvement savings and discounts from well known high street brands.  You are welcome to unsubscribe from newsletters at any time.

Subscribing To Our Newsletter

Our newsletter is designed to bring you DIY and home improvement guides, hints and tips, news on the home improvement market, savings and discounts on home improvement materials from well known brands and more.

We don't spam our subscribers and you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time.

We do not share your information from the newsletter subscriber list with third parties.

Listings For Tradesmen In The Directory

Tradesmen are listed in the directory and are able to edit their business listing.  Their business address is in there.  However, contact details are provided for member tradespeople who have chosen to quote for a job lead posted by a member of the Top Tradespeople site.  Tradespeople can upload pictures of work completed to their profile area in the tradesmen listings section.

How Much Top Tradespeople Costs

Top Tradespeople is free for homeowners looking to get connected with local tradespeople.  Our tradesmen members pay a small fee to get the contact details of jobs that they would like to quote for, which helps us with the running costs of the website.  They save money on advertising and only choose to pay for the job leads that they want in the areas that they want.  Homeowners know that those people who want to quote are genuinely interested and this small fee helps to ensure that.  Please note: THERE IS NO FEE FOR HOMEOWNERS TO POST A JOB OR QUOTE REQUEST.  THIS IS ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE

Ready to get started? Post A Job or Sign Up As A Tradesperson Today

Use the job posting forms around the site to post a job.  If you're a tradesperson use the trades signup form to register as a service provider and get matched with locals looking for people near you.