Building Regulations & Planning Permissions

It is absolutely essential to ensure that any work that you carry out on your home complies with building regulations.

If you proceed with a project and find that in the future it is not compliant with current legislation, you may find that your local building control may make you roll-back the work to it's previous state.

We've pulled together some of the building regulations relating to the different parts of your home.


What Could The Consequences of Non-Compliance With Building Regulations?

Non-compliance with building regulations could involve taking down your extension, returning your roof to it's pre-build status, or even worse, knocking down your home.

Furthermore, whoever has carried out the work on your home could be prosecuted or face a fine if the work is not carried out to building regulations or without proper notification in advance of work.

When it comes to moving to your next home, without certification of works providing evidence of compliance with building regulations, you may experience problems with selling your home.

Rules are different for Northern Ireland and Scotland, so you should be aware of this.

Building regulations do not only cover major building works, but also can cover projects which involve alterations that you may otherwise consider to be minor.

These involve such things as adding radiators to a current heating system, adding or replacing an electric fuse box or carrying out work on an existing system of electrics.

If you add air conditioning to your home you will also need to check building regulations out.

Building Regulations By Room or Part of Room

Building Regulations By Project Type & Trades

Building Regulations Rules in Parts of The UK


Rules are different for Northern Ireland and Scotland, so you should be aware of this.

Planning Application Costs

How much does it cost to apply for planning permission?

Compare quotes from architects with recommendations from other people across the UK with Top Tradespeopleplanning permission application costs - what are they when you have the building plans readyPlanning permission application costs.

Any home improvement project, whether you're doing it yourself or getting a tradesman or more specifically a builder in to do it for you, will have costs.

Materials and labour are obvious costs if you're looking to make a significant structural home alterations.

If you're going to be changing the dimensions or use of your property there may be even more costs.

You need to make sure you've got the relevant planning permission to ensure you don't fall foul of local regulations.

And this is where you need to consider planning permission application costs.

When do I need planning permission?

write-593333_1920The guidance on when you need to get planning permission is complex

Whether you need planning permission depends on the kind of property you're altering.


It also depends on the land that surrounds the property you're looking to alter.

If you live in a detached or semi-detached house, the regulations on the work that you can do to alter the property will be different than you're looking to modify a mid-terraced house that's overlooked from all sides.

There is plenty of helpful guidance available online that sets out the types of modifications you can made to a house without planning permission and when you need to seek it.

notes-514998_1920It's important to look through the local regulations in detail.

These can differ from area to area.

These can be dramatically different if, for instance, you're living in a National Park or other such area where the Council strictly controls external appearances of properties.

Even works that affect the trees or hedgerows on or surrounding your property can require a planning application if they are protected by a preservation or conservation order.

It's always wise to consult your local council's planning department before starting on any significant work on your property.

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Architect rolls and plans blueprints home building conceptHow much will planning permission application costs be?

Again, this very much depends on the area where you live and what you intend to do.

If you're building an entirely new property from scratch, you will need to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.

This will add to the costs of applying for planning permission.

An application for Householder Planning Consent to make an alteration or house extension to an existing property will have planning permission application costs on average of around £171.

This may be more depending on where you live and the type of alteration that you plan to make.

While the planning permission application costs and fees may not vary significantly, the scale and types of alterations that you can make to a property in certain areas may be restricted.

Cutting back trees or removing hedgerows in a conservation area require a planning application.

There are not currently planning permission application costs or fees for this type of consent at the moment.

Caveat Emptor

The main thing to remember when planning alterations to a property is that if you're in any doubt, speak to the Planning department in your local council.

Retrospective planning permission can be an extremely tricky business to apply for and there's no guarantee of success.

After putting all the thought, work and investment into making alterations to the property, if planning permission is not granted retrospectively, it can cost a whole lot more to take down what you've already done on top of the expense of putting it up.

Whilst this is rare (most people apply first before building), it is not unheard of and there are tales of people having to take down whole houses.

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