Asbestos removal costs are made up of three parts generally. Testing and surveying, removal itself and disposal of asbestos after it has been removed by a licensed disposal contractor.

Asbestos Removal Costs - Short Answer:

The average price paid by a household to remove asbestos is around £800, but with so many variables it is very important to get at least three quotes for the work to allow you to compare effectively.

Asbestos Removal Costs - Longer Answer:

If you’ve just been told that there is asbestos in your property and are worried about asbestos removal costs and any present dangers, don’t panic.
Experts reckon that there is asbestos present in 50% of homes in the UK, and for many of those homes the best advice will be to leave it well alone.

Asbestos was commonly used in insulation products, lagging for tanks and textured ceiling coverings, and only causes a problem when the fibres are disturbed and are released into the air.

If you have an artex ceiling for example, the best course of action is often to plaster over the top.

Sometimes though there is no option but to have asbestos removed and as asbestos can have such serious health implications if handled incorrectly, it’s a job that we are likely to call the professional licensed asbestos removal contractors in for.

Just how much are asbestos removal costs likely to set you back?

Asbestos Survey Costs

The first cost you come up against when dealing with asbestos is the cost of having a professional survey carried out.

Asbestos was used in so many building materials that it can be extremely difficult to work out where in the home it might be, even for the professionals.

If you are planning a complete renovation of an older home then you will be obliged to get an Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Survey done.

A specially trained asbestos surveyor will go round your property, examining its construction and taking samples for testing. He will then issue a report based on his findings.

This will cost you around £250.

If your property is larger than average, more samples may need to be taken which will increase costs.

Always ask your surveyor for a quote or for a fixed price for the job before agreeing to go ahead and have any type of survey done.

If however, you are living in a property which was built after 1999 you can rest assured that your home is asbestos-free, as this is the year in which the product was banned in the UK.

Encapsulation Costs

The next steps will depend on what your surveyor discovers in your home. Sometimes, the best course of action will be encapsulation.

This process involves sealing the asbestos in place in the house without removing it, and avoids the huge levels of disruption and mess involved with pulling down ceilings or removing a garage.

This is a specialised process which uses special adhesive products to cover the asbestos-containing products completely, and stop and risk of fibres escaping into the air.

If this is the course of action recommended by the surveyor, you can expect to pay around £8 per square metre to have your ceilings or walls treated.

This is a much more cost effective solution than tearing ceilings or walls down and then also having to meet the cost of replacing them once the asbestos has been gone.

Asbestos Removal Costs

If the survey recommends that any asbestos in your property removed, asbestos removal costs can be substantially more.

Costs will vary depending on many factors.

In larger cities, you may be able to get a better price just because there are more skilled contractors who hold the appropriate licence competing to do the work.

Prices will also vary depending on where in the house the asbestos is located, and how easy it is for the contractors to get access to the asbestos materials.

The average price paid by a household to remove asbestos is around £800, but with so many variables it is very important to get at least three quotes for the work to allow you to compare effectively.

Costs can often be much higher; the average cost for having a garage which contains asbestos demolished and removed can easily cost £2500 or more.

Make doubly sure that any contractor who you are approaching to quote for removing asbestos; if you are searching online for contractors in your area look on the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) website to find licensed firms locally.

Asbestos Disposal Costs

Normally, when you are using an approved and licensed contractor to remove your asbestos, the price you are quoted for the job will include disposing of the affected materials.

If not, you will have to arrange for disposal yourself.

As asbestos has the potential to be dangerous, it is not as simple as loading up the car with rubbish bags and taking them to the local recycling centre.

Asbestos management is dealt with by the local Council, so look at the waste and recycling pages of your local Council’s website to see what the arrangement is in your area.

For example, in Manchester there is no charge for disposing of asbestos, but it has to be properly wrapped in heavy duty plastic.

In West London, you will be charged £55 for weights of up to 200kg, and you need to make an appointment with the recycling centre.

Birmingham offers a free collection service for small quantities of domestic asbestos. Do your research and know what the picture is locally.

Additional Asbestos Removal Costs

If you have been told that there is asbestos which requires to be removed from your home, then the actual costs of getting an approved asbestos removal company in are just the start of the costs you may face.

Depending on how extensive the asbestos is in the home, you might have to move the family out for a week or more while the work is carried out.

If the asbestos is in the walls or ceiling, once removed you have the costs of replacing the ceiling, replastering and decorating.

All of these extra costs can quickly mount up.

However, once you have gone through the process of removing the asbestos, your home will probably increase in value as many buyers are reluctant to purchase a property with a known asbestos problem, and knowing all asbestos has gone will give you peace of mind too.

Never be tempted to try to cut asbestos removal costs by removing asbestos yourself when a survey has recommended otherwise; the health implications for you and everyone else in the house can be fatal.

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