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Finding a Leighton Buzzard tradesman is easy using Top Tradespeople's free tradesmen quotes services. Simply post a job and we will match you with up to 4 local tradesmen in your area who will provide you with no-obligation quotes.

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There's many good tradesmen in Leighton Buzzard, or near Leighton Buzzard, ready and waiting to quote for your project. is a free service so you've nothing to lose. Why not get started so we can match you with your next tradesman.

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Past Bedfordshire tradesmen tradesmen work Jobs Posted Nearby

Bathroom Refurbishment
Summary - fit a worktop with recessed sink, fit bath and sink taps
Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire
Burglar Alarms Intruder Alarms
Summary - fitting an alarm at my house
Dunstable Bedfordshire
Summary - remove cracked & broken patio area approx 10metre x 3metre &replace with new concrete
Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire
Flat Roof Repair or Replace
Summary - A leak on the flat roof needing urgent repair. Please help today.
Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire
Plans Drawn
Summary - Change front of bungalow inc extension and structural calcs
Dunstable Bedfordshire
Roofing Repairs
Summary - Damage discovered while workinging in garden. Wind appears to have got under roof tile bedding at end elevation which is exposed to prevailing wind during last weeks storm condition. Tile bed has sheard approximately 1/3 of way from shear point down to guttering. Slippage of about 2 inches has occured and is contained by guttering (PVC). Tiles had also been moved outwards towards end elevation by an inch or so. I have pushed tiles back as best I could to stop any water ingress, obviously I have not been able to push tiles back up to shear point, but they appear to be in good order and as said previously are retained by gutter so I do not consider matter to be of an urgent nature. Unless of course we are hit by more storm force winds. There is also minor damage to pointing on end elevation.
Dunstable Bedfordshire
Boiler Installation
Summary - Need quotes for replacing old boiler with combi/condenser boiler
Dunstable Bedfordshire
Summary - We are riping out and replacing our small kitchen. Walls are rough and uneven with holes and cracks so need re plastering. Under window behind sink needs boarding and plastering.
Dunstable Bedfordshire
Tiled Slate roof work
Summary - We have a cracked tile on the front side of our property (mid terrace) and a leak at the rear of the property as the lead flashing requires re-pointing. Please quote for both these repairs.
Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire
Asbestos Garage Removal
Summary - single concrete garage with asbestos roof
Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire

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